Plastic injection

Plastic Injection in Dieburg, Germany

Our molding department was intentionally setup in 1993 for testing and optimising tools under real production conditions. Soon the business prospered from a small production to an independent division. Today we operate on two spots as a custom injection molder of technical thermoplastic products using modern injection machinery and technologies with machine capacity ranging from 30 to 150 metric tons clamp force.

Fully automatic system

Our commitment to an efficient and fully automated production line will result in high quality parts produced at competitive price.


Establised as an A-class automotive sub-supplier we produce a wide range of technical parts, from a simple plug up to highly complex functional parts as well as hydro-technical and medical parts.


Clamp force in KN Intercolumniation in mm Screw diametre in mm
1500 420 45
1000 470 45
1000 420 35
1000 420 40
750 320 25
600 370 30
600 370 30
500 320 30
500 320 30

Some of our Injection Machines