Plastic Products


In plastics sector we produce technical parts with high standards of resistance, dimensional accuracy and quality for OEM-components in dingle, small and large scale production. Our services cover all activities from mold design to production, packing and shiping of the serial parts.

Our company stands for pinpoint accuracy, flexibility and quality.

According to our customers specifications we produce tools and molds. As supplier to the german automobile, machine and plant construction industry as well as to medical and electro technology we are committed to high standards of quality.

Since 1985 we built, repair and optimise:
-small and long production run tools.

By takeover of an expierenced metalworking company we have been able to expand our machining abilities to handling large scale workpieces. Therefor we have machining centers with travese path up to X 1800/Y 800/Z 600 mm and automatic lathes with diameters up to 850 mm on our hands.

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